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For over 25 years the people at Technology Segue have designed, manufactured and supported equipment used to manufacture semiconductors, compound semiconductors, MEMs and solar cells. Our products and services improve process, help the environment, enhance productivity and reduce cost in manufacturing facilities and R&D labs around the world...more
We offers a complete line of refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We evaluate and purchase core tools that provide the best means of meeting our customer’s requirements....more
Energy Reduction Module (ERM)
Technology Segue is the exclusive US distributor for a new energy savings device called the energy reduction module (ERM). This patent pending product mounts onto dry vacuum pumps and reduces power consumption by 40% to 50%....more
New Product / Equipment
Turnkey Process Line Acquisition
With our experience relocating, refurbishing and qualifying most of the major OEMs tool sets, Technology Segue is ideally positioned to acquire and transfer entire process lines...more

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