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Refurbished Equipment / Services


Technology Segue offers a complete line of refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We evaluate and purchase core tools that provide the most efficient means of meeting our customer’s requirements. The core tool is then reconfigured to customers’ specifications. Chambers are added, built up, modified and cleaned. Panels, assemblies, communication boards, power supplies, peripherals and other major components are tested, rebuilt, cleaned, calibrated, certified and/or replaced. All consumables such as o-rings, gaskets and filters are replaced. Upon completion, the tool looks new and performs to original factory specifications. Our equipment comes with installation, process qualification, training, and parts/labor warranties.

Refurbish Services

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Technology Segue provides warranty replacement parts for all the tools we sell. We also design in hardware upgrades to solve obsolete part issues. We typically do not sell spare parts as a business. The exception is AMAT parts, where we have an agreement with a well respected company to sell surplus, second source and used parts at discount prices, resulting in significant savings for our customers. Please e-mail your spare parts requests to

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