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For over 25 years the people at Technology Segue have designed, manufactured and supported equipment used to manufacture semiconductors, compound semiconductors, MEMs and solar cells. Our products and services improve process, help the environment, enhance productivity and reduce cost in manufacturing facilities and R&D labs around the world. Whether your company is looking for new equipment with the latest advances in process development, or a reliable used, or fully refurbished piece of production equipment, Technology Segue has the solution for you.

Providing refurbished equipment and refurbishing services is the core of our business. We have a full team of factory specific, OEM trained engineers and technicians. They offer an abundance of expertise in refurbishing, relocating, troubleshooting, maintaining and process qualifying most of the major OEM’s production equipment. Our expertise covers PVD, CVD, RTP, epi, wet and dry etch, ion implant, diffusion, and photolithography processes on equipment manufactured by AMAT, LAM, Novellus, Nikon, Varian, Axcelis, TEL, SVG, Kokusai and others.

We also pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ objectives. Lowering fab operational costs, while preserving the environment, is a common goal amongst our customers. Technology Segue responded by providing a new energy reduction device called the Energy Reduction Module (ERM).

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