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Technology Segue sells new and refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment, energy savings devices and facility related products. We source and procure used equipment, assemblies and parts for our clients and our internal refurbishing projects.

Providing refurbished equipment and refurbishing services is the core of our business. Our expertise covers PVD, CVD, RTP, epi, wet and dry etch, ion implant, diffusion, and photolithography processes on equipment manufactured by AMAT, LAM, Novellus, Nikon, Varian, Axcelis, TEL, SVG, Kokusai and others.

We are the US distributor for probe cards and a new green energy saving device called the Energy Reduction Module (ERM). The ERM mounts onto dry vacuum pumps and reduces energy consumption by 40–50%. The probe cards consist of pins that feature a new alloy with the hardness of WRe and the electrical properties of precious metals. As a result, our tips require less pressure to get good electrical readings, which increases the life of the tips and extends the time before it becomes necessary to replace or repair the probe card.

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