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New Product and Equipment

Low cost RIE and plasma etchers

  • Configurations:
    single wafer and batch, manual and semi-manual load
  • Applications:
    failure analysis, wafer reclamation, and back end cleaning/etching applications

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Wet benches

  • Configuration:
    manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic wet benches with integrated or stand alone dryers
  • Applications:
    SC1, SC2 resist strip, metal etch, nitride strip, buffered oxide etch, and others
  • Dryers:
    single and double stack spin rinse dryers; IPA dryers using gradient and spray technologies
  • Options:
    megasonics, heaters, recirculating baths, auto-dosing/spiking, integrated chemical delivery,
    FM-4910 compliance

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Probe Cards / Tips

Our probe cards have tips that consist of a proprietary alloy with the hardness of WRe and the electrical properties of noble metals like Au and Pd. Therefore, our tips require less pressure to get good electrical readings, which increases the life of the tips and extends the life of the probe card. This results in significant COO advantages compared to traditional probe cards.

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