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Energy Reduction Module (ERM)

Technology Segue is the exclusive US distributor for a new energy savings device called the energy reduction module (ERM). This patent pending product mounts onto dry vacuum pumps and reduces power consumption by 40% to 50%. It is used on load locks, buffer, transfer and non-reactive process chambers.

Each pump equipped with an ERM will save approximately 8000 kW-hrs of electricity per year. Electricity savings coupled with rebates and tax incentives often allows the ERM to pay for itself in less than a year. Considering the number of dry pumps in an average manufacturing facility, the energy and financial saving is substantial.

Environmental advocates love our product because reducing electricity consumption lowers CO2 emissions and other harmful greenhouse effects. Noise in the fab is reduced because the ERM acts as a sound suppressor.

There are additional benefits associated with the ERM. Reducing the workload lowers the temperature of the pump (by as much as 10-40 C). This means the seals will not experience the temperature gradients that cause failures and force rebuilds. N2 ballast flow rate can be reduced because temperature fluctuations are offset by the ERM. The net result: pumps will last longer, N2 ballast flow can be reduced (another significant savings) and the load on the HVAC system is reduced. Contact Technology Segue to learn more about all the features and benefits of the ERM.

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